Canon and Digital Label Printing

Canon and Digital Label Printing

It is some great news to hear that Canon has entered the digital label printing industry. For those who don’t understand what digital label printing is, it is the process of transferring an image or document from a computer onto some printing media like paper or polypropylene.

Canon has been doing well in the camera market as well as the printing industry, and in early July 2018, they launched the Oce LabelStream 4000 that comes with Canon inkjet cartridges. Two British firms, Edale and FFEI, worked hand-to-hand to make the device a reality.

The vice president and the and head of digital packaging, Crit Driessen, said that the device was a significant step for Oce and Canon. The White+CMYK UV inkjet press is designed to be modular and can be purchased as pure digital standalone press, a fully hybrid configuration with flexo units, or digital press that has inline finishing.

LabelStream 4000 with its Canon inkjet cartridges is vital for a printer’s specific needs and with its configuration, it allows maximum productivity. Moreover, the device has helped Canon establish itself and build a presence in the printing market. According to Christian Unterberger, the chief marketing officer, the new Oce LabelStream 4000 series is seen as the advancement of their market strategy.

The Oce LabelStream 4000 series will be available in Europe in the last quarter of 2018 and will enter the US market later on. Canon’s main goal is to enhance productivity as well as grow revenue with their digital printing presses. As a printer, this is an amazing device that you will want to own.

Safety Precautions When Using Cloud Printing


Many companies depend on cloud computing as it makes data usage more manageable. However,  cloud printing comes with a risk. Safety and security is a big concern. Your data might be hacked since servers are shared with other users.

Protect your data from being stolen or lost with these safety measures and enjoy printing even with cheap inks from HP Printers.

Have your data encrypted.

Print information is usually at risk when using cloud computing.  This is because information keeps on flowing through open networks to the cloud provider.  To ensure a safer process, one can encrypt outgoing and incoming print data. This will protect the data as you proceed to your printing work.

Install Private Cloud

Installing a private cloud environment is a better idea to have a secured cloud printing.  With private cloud, only you have the access to the server thus lowering the risk of hacking.

Be strict on your password.

Ninety percent of the passwords are easily hacked. One of the basic and most important things to do when having an account is to make sure your password is strong enough.  Data are easily lost or hacked when unprotected.

Secure Pull Printing

Secure pull printing allows management to discard undercover operations related to security infringement brought by illegal users. Data will be more secured since users are the only ones who can enable their IDs. This way, no data will be stolen or hacked.


Don’t let hackers or weak passwords stop you from using cloud print.  Follow these precautions and you can enjoy the wonders of technology and print with all your might even with cheap inks from HP Printers.

How to Respond to the “Toner Life End” Message in Brother Printer


So you have a Brother TN 770 and when put in a new toner cartridge, the “Toner Life End” message pops up of your screen. You might find this inconvenient especially if you just installed a new one. If this happens to you, take time to read these easy steps to respond to this message and save yourself from hassle.

Basic Steps to Solve the Problem

  • Open the cover of your printer so that you can see the toner cartridge.
  • Press the “Option” button and push “Start”.
  • Be quick on typing “1” and “0” right after you push the start button. Failure to quickly type these numbers will make you do the process again.
  • Wait for the “Accepted” sign in the window and you are ready.

To Reset Message on Brother HL Monochrome printers

  • Open the front cover of your printer and make sure that is turned off.
  • All panel lights should be turned on so hold the ‘start’ button while turning the printer on.
  • Then let go of the start button and press it again two times. All panel lights should be on at this moment.
  • Press the start button five times. You can see that the toner light is off and the paper light is on or flashing.
  • Close the printer’s cover and you are ready to go.


Don’t panic when you experience problems with your Brother TN 770. There are tutorials that can help you solve them.