How to Reset Brother Drum Counter


If you have received error messages like “Replace Drum” or “Replace Parts Drum” after you replace the drum of your Brother TN670 with a new one, this means that you need to reset the drum counter. This error message will continue to show if you did not reset the drum counter after you replaced it with a new one.

The Brother machine contains separate consumables, the drum unit, and the toner cartridge. Make sure to verify that you only replace the unit of the drum and not your Brother’s toner cartridge. The difference between the drum unit and the toner cartridge is that the toner cartridge is the one that contains the powder or toner used for creating images and letters while the drum unit is the one that will transfer the toner or powder to the paper.

Make sure that you will only reset the drum counter when you will only replace the unit of the drum. If you will reset the drum counter while using the drum unit, the drum life of that unit won’t be accurately displayed.

In resetting the drum counter of your Brother TN670, you should follow the instructions below:

  1.   Make sure that your machine is on.
  2.   Open the cover in the front.
  3.   Press the Clear/Back menu on the machine’s control panel. Take note that not all control panels have the same layout. They differ depending on the machine’s model, but the button of Clear/Back is usually located on the right of the LCD Screen.
  4.   Press the 1 button in order to reset the counter of the drum.
  5.   When an Accepted message shows in the LCD, close the cover in the front.

Brother strongly recommends to only use genuine drum units and toner cartridges of a Brother machine. If the error message still continues to show after performing the following steps mentioned above, please contact the Customer Service of Brother.