Printing Hack: How to Print Quickly

Do you have class or an important meeting, and you need to print your report as quickly as possible? The main solution is to buy a high-quality printer with high printing speed. However, if you don’t have the time and budget to do it, here are your other options.

  • Print in black ink.

Check your printer cartridges. Are there colored and black Canon inkjet cartridges? When printing, color printers usually combine different ink colors to get black. It takes time to do this. You need to set the settings so that the printer only uses the black ink in printing the document. Though the quality of the print will not be as good as with the original setting, you can reduce the time of printing.

  • Change the settings.

Aside from printing in black ink only, you should also change the DPI settings. The lower the print quality you set, the faster the printing will be. It’s for you to judge how much quality you’re willing to sacrifice.

  • Use “Keep Printed Documents.”

“Keep Printed Documents” is an option that allows you to speed up printing documents that you’ve printed before. You can find this option in the printer properties’ settings. Right-click the printer and select advanced properties.

  • Don’t go wireless.

By nature, a wired connection is faster than a wireless connection. So, connect the printer directly to your laptop or computer. Also, it’s smart to check Canon inkjet cartridges and see whether they have ink before printing.

  • Print a draft.

When you are not printing a photograph, reduce the DPI of the document by printing in draft. Again, this will reduce the quality of the document. That’s just the sacrifice you have to make if you want to get the prints faster.