5 Mind Numbing Facts About Cheap Inks For Canon Printers

1. The printer manufacturers never go through any profit or suffer loss as we all know why. Inkjet printers are basically sold cheap and even in many cases at loss. It is because the manufacturers know the fact as well that most of their money will come the ink cartridges. Smart marketing, they knows pretty well that an expensive inks will get them much more money than an expensive printer. Instead you can choose cheap inks for Canon printers.

Cheap Inks For Canon Printers

2. The branded inkjet cartridges runs out of ink too quickly, have you given a thought about it? The printer price being sky-high, the inks are getting more and more expensive than vintage champagne. Less well-known is the fact that the amount of ink in the average cartridge has shrunk dramatically. Newer cartridges contain a fraction of the ink a similar product contained a decade ago. And the amount can be minuscule.

3. The vendors of clone ink have to put in production the exact same cartridge, often with an embedded chip that tells the printer who made the cartridge. With some Epson printers, you get a message when you load a foreign ink cartridge that asks you if you are sure you want to take this dreaded risk. You can click “yes” and the printer treats the cartridge like an Epson cartridge.

4. Do not fall for the traps called ‘Cheapest Printers’. It will suck your ink like a vampire sucks your blood. While buying the printer you feel the achievement of saving a bunch of money but in reality, it will make you buy ink cartridges so often that you will get tired and broke. Even cheap inks for canon printers will not let you save money but you have to keep it refilling. Your printer might refuse to accept the refilled cartridge if the cartridge contains a microchip.

5. Most shoppers searching for a replacement ink cartridge for their inkjet printer are seeking a color cartridge. In addition to black, color cartridges come in RGB (Red, Green and Blue). These primary colors can be combined in many different ratios to produce a wide range of colors, shades and tints.