Knowing How to Store Your Oki Toner Cartridges

Toner cartridges are the most essential parts of your printer. It holds and controls the ink and makes your printer function efficiently. The laser toner cartridge contains some powder like substance that performs by releasing ink to create images on paper. The toner cartridges are plastic-made and are installed in the cartridge holder to be used as supplies. Whenever it comes to buy a toner, make sure to get an original Oki toner cartridge for your Okidata printer.
Many offices and institutions prefer to store more supplies available, so they don’t have to go out to the ink supply store so often. It is a wise choice to keep an extra Okidata toner cartridge so you never run out of toner. However, if you keep some extra supplies in store, be careful how you store them.

An Oki toner cartridge, as with any other toner cartridges, should be stored where temperature is stable. You need not to store them inside an area that is away from sunlight or room light or may be temperature controlled. Storing your cartridges in any particular area that is too warm or is directly exposed to sunlight may cause the cartridges to heat up unnaturally. This could have an adverse affect on the print quality and you may end up with low quality documents.

Before you pile up with some extra stock of Oki toner cartridges, you should check that the cartridges you possess have long expiration date. The shelf life of a sealed cartridge is approximately 2 years, whereas, the shelf life of an opened package is roughly 6 to 10 months.