Signs You Should Replace Your Toner Cartridge


Offices and individuals that print several documents and photos in a day might need to change their toner cartridge often. It’s better if you don’t only entrust the task to the technician. Learning how to replace the toner cartridge yourself is important. But when do you know that you it’s time to do so?

Sign 1: Prints are not sharp enough.

If you see that the print is not even and there are blank areas, then you might need to change your Samsung toner cartridges. When there is low toner coverage, it only takes a short time for the prints to become faded. Thus, it’s always better to buy a toner cartridge with higher coverage.

Sign 2: There are spots and clumps.

When the toner is near empty, it can form spots and clumps. These can leave streaks on the page. Removing the toner and shaking it might help even out the toner and allow you to print for a few more days. However, sooner or later, you are bound to replace the cartridge.

Sign 3: The printer warns you.

The most obvious sign that you should change the toner cartridge is the notification from the printer. Usually, the notification comes in the form of a flickering light. When this happens, you are no longer able to print anything, and all you can do is change the Samsung toner cartridges.

Sign 4: The printer loses its other functions.

When the toner cartridge gets low, you can no longer use the faxing and scanning features as well. This is because these features also rely on the cartridge.