Most Common Printer Problems


If you are a printer owner, there are certain common problems you are likely to experience once, twice, or thrice in the life of your printer. However, you do not have to visit a technician any time your printer develops these problems. If you have the right knowledge, you can solve most of these problems.

  • Low ink warnings

Nowadays, most printers have warning systems for ink levels. The low ink warnings help the printer owners know when to replace the cartridges. It is not recommendable to let the ink run out of the cartridge completely because the printer may get damaged. Fitting your printer with brother inkjet cartridges can help you minimize the occurrences of these warnings.

  • Paper jams

This is actually one of the most common problems experienced by printer owners. Paper jams occur when papers get stuck in the rollers of a printer. A similar problem can be experienced when printer’s rollers draw 2 or more sheets of paper at the same time. Loading it up with a relatively few papers and aligning your reams correctly can help you avoid this problem.

  • Poor print quality

Poor print quality is a common problem experienced by people in this industry. In this case, you may experience poor photo print quality or poor text print quality or both. Checking the settings of your printer can help you detect the source of the problem, hence solving it. Printers with brother inkjet cartridges can help you prevent this problem.