How to stop the ink in your printer cartridges from drying up


Inkjet cartridge or ink cartridge is an important component of an inkjet printer. Without it, a printer cannot work as expected. It is actually one of the most expensive parts of a printer. Preventing this component from drying up and also keeping it clean will not only enhance the lifespan of your printer, but it will also save you a great deal of money.

If you rarely use your printer, you better take caution; otherwise, the cost of printing can be more expensive than you expect. Some people prefer buying cheap Epson inks so that they don’t lose much money in case they dry up. Printing off a small and simple graphics and a few lines of text after every few weeks can help you prevent the ink in the cartridges from drying.

Other than filling the cartridges with cheap Epson inks there are many other techniques. If your printer has a print head attached to the cartridge, and you will not be using it for a while, consider removing the cartridges and then refitting the protective covers. Finally, place the cartridges safely into an airtight zip-lock bag and you can get them anytime you require them.