Refilling Your Printer Cartridge with HP 952XL Ink using a Syringe


Not everyone can refill their own cartridge. It may cost some money done at the store. The cost-effective and cost-efficient way to have it done is to do it yourself. Here are some steps in refilling your cartridge with the help of a syringe.

  • Prepare the things that you need. A syringe, the cartridge, and the ink are needed. HP 952XL Ink is recommended because of its high performance. Cartridges are less replaced for it can print more pages compared to others.
  • Locate the black spot on the top of the cartridge. This black spot is a hole where you can inject the ink. HP 952XL Ink cartridge is made of environment-friendly materials that can easily be pierced by the syringe for refilling.
  • Avoid creating air gaps as you inject the ink. These air gaps might block the cartridge. HP 952XL Ink’s formulation enables it to flawlessly flow through small containers preventing air gaps with proper application.
  • Ink refilling is a messy task. Better prepare a cloth or tissue for wiping. You may also cover your table or desk to prevent stains from leaks. Wash your hands too.
  • Do not fully refill the cartridge. Leave some space to avoid leakage or spills.
  • Once filled, let the cartridge sit for a while. Through this, the link goes to the bottom for better printing results. 

A well-refilled cartridge will improve the print outs. You may also try different ways to refill your own cartridge.

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“Low Ink” or “Empty” Error No More with Canon Inkjet Printer – Canon PIXMA MG3020 Ink


Most of the inkjet printers cannot determine the exact measurement of the remaining amount of ink in the cartridge. These printers are just estimating the ink levels from the number of pages printed since the last change of cartridge.

You probably encountered printers that show empty or low ink level on their monitors but you just replaced the cartridge or just refilled the ink. This, most of the time delay the work that needs to be done.

Here are some ways to troubleshoot this encounter with printers:

  • Different printer units have their own unique mechanisms but these machines still have things in common.  The most common, easiest and fastest way is to turn off the status monitor of the printer. Look for the buttons that stop, clears, resets, or resumes the printers’ function. The symbol looks like a circle with an inverted triangle on the inside.
  • Once you located the button, press it for around 5-10 seconds. The printer will respond but this varies from different models.
  • The yellow exclamation mark should be seen once you open the status monitor. Just turn this off.
  • Since it is turned off, you will no longer receive prompts on empty cartridges.

These steps can be applied to the Canon Inkjet Printer. Improve your printing experiences by pairing it with Canon PIXMA MG3020 Ink. Canon PIXMA MG3020 Ink is best for producing sharp detailed images in vibrant colors.

Installing Brother Toner Cartridge in a Smart and Easy Way


Brother laser printers have been known over the years as providers of high quality printed materials for various sectors. These printers are not just equipment but also a partner for different occupations. High-quality printers require high-quality cartridges for the best results. Brother printers are now paired with assorted Brother Ink Cartridges that tailor fits all your printing needs.

Installing this Brother Ink Cartridges is also made easy by means of following these steps:

  • Remove the protective covering surrounding the toner for a perfect fit.
  • Lightly shake the cartridge in a manner that will evenly distribute the toner powder. This will be a bit messy since some of the toner powder might be emitted. Cover your office table/desk, or do this step over a garbage bin.
  • Remove the drum unit from the printer to install the cartridge. Brother Ink Cartridge exactly fits into drum units easily. Just make sure that it is securely locked.
  • The corona wire is located on the top of the drum unit. You may clean it by sliding the small tab right to left until it’s no longer messy.
  • Attach the toner and drum as a combined unit back to the printer. Lastly, put the cover. Now, your printer is ready to face more pages of tasks.

You may also visit the website of Brother company for guides in choosing the best Brother Ink Cartridge for your printer and for a comprehensive video on installing the toner cartridge.

Replacing or Installing Cartridges in Your HP® Officejet® 8710 Printer


Owning a printer is pretty useful because you get to save time and money by printing documents at home. However, since inks will run out, you will have to learn how to replace cartridges on your own. The good thing about replaceable cartridges is that if one color runs out, you only need to replace that one cartridge.

Some cartridges are compatible with more than one printer, so it is important to know which are compatible with the printer you have at home to avoid buying the wrong one. One example is the HP 952XL ink cartridges that are also compatible with the HP Officejet 8710 printer. For HP ink cartridges, they offer two sizes which are a standard size and an XL size. The XL size has double the amount of the standard size.

Here is a step by step procedure on how to replace ink cartridges on your HP Officejet 8710 printer:

  1. Open the printer by pulling on the latch located on the left side of the printer. After opening the ink compartment of the printer, wait for the cartridges to relocate to the center.

  2. Press the cartridge that needs replacing. Remove the cartridge once it pops out.

  3. Open the replacement cartridge by removing the plastic lining that comes with it. Orient the cartridge in the right side so you can easily slide it. Put in the replacement cartridge and press it into the printer until you hear a click.

  4. Close the compartment door and the screen of your printer will show the text “Genuine Cartridge Installed”.

White Toner: The Latest Innovation from OKI Data


Oki Data is known as one of the leading producers of printer technology all over the world. It’s based in the United States but is under the Japanese conglomerate, OKI Electric Industry Company. Oki Data stands out among other printer brands such as Epson, HP, Brother, and Canon due to its top-quality and design but at relatively lower costs. 

Oki toner cartridges are known to be of top quality. One of the latest innovations from the company is the white toner or C711WT which is designed to be printed on various surfaces and materials from paper to fabric and even hard products. It gives companies that use Oki ink cartridges to expand their usage, not limited to paper materials.

Similar to its other toner cartridges, it is also of high quality but at a lower cost. Oki’s target market is for companies that are looking to expand their business by being able to produce their own printing.

Oki is not only known for its cartridges but also for its production of printers that require fewer parts. This feature makes it reliable and less complicated when it comes to repairs. Another thing that makes Oki stand out from other printing companies is that they offer a 24/7 toll-free support that is still active up to this day. This proves that Oki values its clients and provides help no matter what time of the day. Just like all other companies, it also offers a 100% warranty for all defects that lasts for a year since its purchase.

Tips on Changing Your Inkjet Cartridges in Your Epson Printer

 Attachment Details epson_ink_printer.

Printers are essential when you have a computer. They come in handy when you are a student or your work requires a lot of paperwork. Just like your computer or any other machine, it also requires maintenance and occasional replacement of parts since they are also prone to wear and tear.

When you have an Epson printer, it can be tricky on how to change its ink cartridges. Sometimes, a little mistake can damage your cartridges or even the printer itself. That said, here are some tips on how you can change the Epson inkjet cartridges in your printer:

  • Prepare everything you need before disassembling the printer. Have your cartridges right beside the printer. This allows for a quick replacement and prevents the printer head nozzles from being exposed to air and drying out.

  • Be careful in handling your printer. As much as possible, do not touch the print head and the white cable inside your printer.

  • Handle your cartridge with care. Shake it a few times to uniformly distribute the ink that could have settled at the bottom of the cartridge.

  • Take off the yellow tape then replace the cartridge by placing it into the holder and pushing it down gently but firmly. Once you hear a click, it is already in place.

  • Once you have finished the process, you can turn on your Epson inkjet printer. This will prompt your print head to go back to its original position. The Ink Cartridge Replacement screen will then appear.

  • If an error has occurred while replacing your cartridge, just go back to the cartridge and check if it’s in place by hearing a click.

How do you replace Canon PGI 270 Ink Cartridges in a Canon printer?

Canon PGI 270 Ink

It’s important to refill your printer’s ink, like the Canon PGI 270 Ink Cartridges, right when the alert pops up your computer. This is to make sure that the cartridge doesn’t get worn out and your printer doesn’t clog up.

If you’re looking for help to replace Canon cartridges, here are a few easy steps:

1. Turn on your printer and remove all the papers you loaded.
2. Open the front cover and the paper output tray to expose the paper output cover.
3. When you open the paper output cover, the FINE cartridge holder should move to the replacement position. Never touch the FINE cartridge holder.
4. Without touching anything else in the printer’s mechanics, push down the FINE cartridge. You should hear a click or an electric sound before detaching the cartridge.
5. Peel off the protective tape on the new Canon PGI 270 Ink Cartridges you will be using as a replacement.

6. When inserting the new cartridge, it should be slanting to fit the cartridge holder. This must be done carefully to avoid any contact to vulnerable parts of the printer.
7. Push the cartridge back up until you hear a click or an electronic sound.
8. Close the paper output cover.

When replacing Canon PGI 270 Ink Cartridges, make sure that they are replaced right after the old cartridges were taken out. The machine and your computer software will inform you if you have successfully refilled you ink.

How to do general reset on Canon 30-241 PIXMA iP/MP/MX/MG Series Ink levels


There are varying procedures in resetting the ink levels of these Canon Ink Cartridges series.

Sometimes, you wouldn’t be allowed to print if the ink levels aren’t restored. These are the universal steps you should take when trying to reset your ink levels:

I. Universal Reset (Pixma iP/MP/MX/MG)

  • Click ‘Stop/Reset’, ‘OK’, or ‘Resume’ on the screen alert. You can also hold the ‘Reset’ button on your printer, if you know which one it is.

II. Pixma iP Ink Counter Reset

  • Long press the Resume and Power button for 5 seconds.
  • Resume pressing the Power button while releasing the Resume button.
  • Press the Resume button repeatedly for 5 times before releasing the Power button.

III. Pixma MP/MX/MG Series: General Printer & Ink Counter Reset

  • Turn off the printer and hold ‘Stop/Reset’ and Power buttons.
  • Press the ‘Stop/Reset’ button twice without releasing the Power button.
  • After a few seconds, the LED should show 0.
  • Press the ‘Stop/Reset’ button repeatedly for 4 times and the power button 2 times.
  • Turn off the printer to reset the printer.
  • Once the printer is reset, unplug the printer then open the cartridge door.
  • Long press the power button before plugging the printer back to its power source and reconnecting all the cables.
  • Release the power button and put back the cartridge door.

For a more specific guide to resetting Canon Ink Cartridges levels on your printer, check your user manual and make sure you have the right software for your printer.

How many times should you refill an ink cartridge?


This question depends on a few variables. Therefore, there is not an exact number of how many times an ink cartridge needs to be refilled. There is one rule, though, if you exhaust the ink, the cartridge will be dried out, causing it to be clogged.

When trying to decide whether you should refill your ink cartridge, there are three things that you need to consider:

Electrical contacts

The electrical contacts are responsible for your printer’s cartridge recognition. These are susceptible to wearing out. They can stand up to four inkjet refills only. When the electrical contacts are damaged, the cartridge will either appear as incompatible or missing.


If you’re wondering how ink reaches paper, the spray nozzles are responsible for this. They can be exhausted over time, depending on printer usage. They are prone to drying out. When they are not cleaned properly, the ink will not be able to pass through, making it difficult to print.


The sponge holds the ink inside the cartridge, and it’s important to keep it from wearing and tearing. When the sponge is overused, leakage could happen because it will not be able to absorb the ink properly. It’s important to remember that sponges can only be refilled four times.

These three parameters of inkjet refills will guide you to distinguish whether or not it is time to load your cartridges. They are also considered important rules for taking care of your printer.

Easy Steps to Refill Your Brother TN660 Toner Cartridge


Laser printers are widely known for producing high-quality prints of pictures and text. They make use of toner, which, when emptied, affects the performance of the printer. Most printer owners typically discard empty toner cartridges, however, as this seems wasteful, we have written this guide to help you refill your Brother TN660 cartridge. It is relatively easy and uncomplicated and will not only save you time and money but also help the environment by helping you produce less waste.

Also referred to as TN630, the Brother TN660 cartridge can print up to 2,600 pages, with each one having about five percent coverage. Although refilling a toner cartridge has many benefits, keep in mind that this can only be done twice or thrice. Refilling a toner cartridge too many times will have a negative effect on the quality of your printer’s output. Read on to know how to refill your Brother TN660 cartridge step by step.

First, you will want to carefully remove your cartridge from its place in the printer. Next, find the holding tank, this is a hole that will be covered with a plug. No worries, for this plug can easily be removed. Then, take it off, and pour the toner into the hole until all of the toner is inside. Put the plastic plug back in then gently shake your cartridge. Remember to hold it horizontally so that the toner powder will be distributed evenly. Finally, install the cartridge into your printer once more. Easy, right? Just remember to be careful.